Innovation + evolution = digital revolution

In order to simplify the path to innovation and the digital market revolution


V3 is an innovative start-up, which was born with the aim of designing and creating an observatory platform.


How does the Ico work? What is Cryptocurrency? What does Crowdfunding mean?


The team behind our projects is made up of professionals in the digital and entrepreneurial sector.


Let’s take a look at V3

I will take you step by step through the discovery of VIII and our projects


According to research carried out by the World Economy Forum, by 2027 10% of the global gross domestic product will be developed through Blockchain platforms. Global monetary exchanges will be managed, therefore, by platforms that utilize the Blockchain, allowing for transactions that are less costly and safer.

Project No.1 - research and information platform

Project No.2

Transaction platform with Smart Contract based on Blockchain technology

Project No.3

Electronic E-book with 3D hologram

Understanding Blockchain technology can been complicated

According to the Blockchain Observatory, the knowledge of the sector is still quite limited, the reason why the use of new Technology is difficult lies in the difficulty in understanding it.  With the use of iconic and figurative language, V3 wants to make the blockchain something that is familiar and easily understandable at all ages, from young to old, allowing for everyone to feel included and part of progress.

Let’s meet our team of professionals

A team of experts, as passionate about this world as I am, works constantly on these projects, hoping to facilitate the understanding of the crypto for those who still haven’t discovered their potential!